Chatting with my friend Jane Nicholl, and her tireless effort in protesting and highlighting the new social apartheid that’s taking London by storm (See Ian Bone’s Blog for details), we chatted about how can anyone in their right mind accept this – one door for the rich, one door for the poor? This country / world is moving further away from equality; feminism has been boiled down that its your right and empowering to get you T&A out online or in magazines 9funnily enough owned by men); disabled people are becoming a nuisance forcing society to costly change, fucking shoot them – Darwinism in effect; and racism and homophobia – well just look at the rise of UKIP.

Equality isn’t about legislation, it’s a state of mind, and not one to be complacent about. The internet has allowed oppressing views to be perpetuated due to the anonymity people believe it has (ip address anyone) and now when a women stands up for anything they are threatened with rape, and a person who commits rape, denies they did it believes they have a right to have their live continue unaffected!

The tone of this video sums up the state of the nation at the moment.