Oh the inconvenience of a sleeping baby but how does that weigh against not being able to walk. A recent court ruling that wheelchair users have priority for wheelchair spaces on a bus, has been overturned for a first come first served policy.

Is that how it works for legs?

Whilst equality is a must in society, it needs to be equality based on a level playing field. If you use a wheelchair and are towards the end of a bus route, where does this leave you. Fucking tired from having to push yourself to your destination due to the wheelchair space being filled with buggies.

I am fucking appalled at this,

I attended demonstrations in the 90’s when wheelchairs couldn’t even get on buses, comrades used to handcuff themselves to buses to show how inconvenient it is when you can’t use public transport. How fantastic when buses brought in spaces and even have hydraulic suspension to lower the bus, automatic ramps for easy access – the world of overground public transport is in equilibrium.

I have kids, I have used pushchairs, I have had to fold a pushchair up and hold my child (pre wheelchair spaces) – this is how it was. Change was put into place to allow wheelchair users to access what able bodied people have been to access since buses began.

Society is regressing.

To Be Kind………Viva L’anarchie