Queen, a national institution, but would their music be held in such esteem had Freddie Mercury not died. Wasn’t it wonderful last night, bringing in the New Year with such great classics!

When Mercury died, most gushed about him but there were several articles that alleged he was actually a child abuser, a sex tourist, only participating in sex in countries where it was not frowned upon to sleep with young boys. Had he been alive would he have been investigated, shunned and written out of history such as Saville, Glitter and Harris. He could have spoken out and educated about HIV but he wasn’t no Harvey Milk. Was it greed, power and the need to be commercially viable that kept him quiet, was the oppressive nature of Tory Britain at the time that created hatred for the gay community?

Thatcher was creating a society that has led us to the current state of Broken Britain. More parliamentary notes and files are released that blatantly show Thatcher lied to the country whilst promoting individualism and Friedman free market economics.

2015 will see a new parliament formed and no doubt more broken promises regardless what label it says on the tin; career politicians desperate to keep their job so will say anything to achieve their mandate, hypocrisy ruling the day. We need to learn from the past to move forward not using rose tinted spectacles to pretend things were what they were not. The curtain has been slightly pulled back and it has shown that all our institutions are crooked, immoral and/ or based on lies: religion, democracy, law and order and the monarchy need to go, at least in their current form.

Let’s fight to pull the curtain all the way back and make 2015 a year where we can see through the lies and hypocrisy.

To Be Kind ………viva l’anarchie