We’ve all fucked up, some worse than others, but after a couple of weeks things usually blew over and you could show your face again but no more for those who live their life life though virtual society. Satire is dead; it doesn’t work when it has to be explained; poignant statements can know be misconstrued for offensive / ‘ist’ behaviour, and the more you protest the deeper you dig. Conversation is dead as every sentence becomes a statement – emotions are useless unless it can be displayed with varying symbols.

What the Fuck – how do I put my head is in a complete mess with a colan, full stop and asterix.

Mental illness aside, interaction is required to stop the world becoming sterile; convenience, laziness and apathy are the new mantra’s, but there is no escape – you are surrounded with a 24/7/365 culture in which any mistake can be highlighted, magnified and ruin relationships, families, and careers.


Cyberspace and the use of algorithms has made it virtually (sic) impossible to get away with anything; any out of place comment (even to 20 friends) can suddenly be worldwide news, or news enough to fuck about with your life permanently. Programmes scour the internet looking for any celebrity, politician, notable news, that the ‘gossip’ society can’t wait to publish. It’s no wonder no-one votes anymore, politicians are so fucking boring unless they are have sex scandals, drug abuse and other favs but then do you want them running a country.

Corporate internet firms can go further and gradually guide your life by forcing certain information to the forefront of your online time, subliminally showing what to wear, say and how to act.

In about 10 years we will probably see the first of ‘Facebook’ trials, as some smart teenager sues his parents for invading their privacy by having their life full documented on Facebook. Why do people feel the need to share their world with other people, without actually interacting with them. Society and community were first eroded by capitalism and greed, but now it’s compounded with a virtual reality that isn’t quite. Social dysfuntionality will become the new ‘actual’ reality before anyone actually noticed.

To go forward we need to go backward – the virtual hegemony must be appropriated.

To Be Kind………..viva L’anarchie