A day the Tories would love to forget. As solidarity has been eroded away over the years, Thatcherism followed by the soul destroying New Labour, the coalition and next?

It is important that wherever possible, people support & join their trade union; and for trade union leaders, it is important they forcibly put forward the collective needs of whom they represent (RIP Bob Crow). The establishment has continually favoured employers rights and the need to protect their profits, citing the demands of the free market as a defence, workers being treated as an expendable commodity.

However it doesn’t have to that way. Carlsberg & John Lewis are shining examples, successful cooperatives whose staff share the ownership of the company. Pride and self respect are invaluable traits that both these companies use to their advantage by not just by non-exploitation but create valuable benefits for their staff.

Capitalism, a monetary based economy is wrong and immoral but there are ways of being fair and still being successful.

To Be Kind…………Viva L’anarchie……..