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The build up for Christmas affects me so much, unlike everybody else bounding with excitement and joy, I become more anxious and depressive than normal, and a right miserable cunt. Why? I don’t really know, (if I really knew I would make a fortune in self help books), don’t get me wrong I love Christmas when it’s actually here I think I really dislike all the expectation and the pressure that it brings. Basically the build up to Christmas always appears to be about the money, and whilst I am in more fortunate position than a lot of other people, the constant messages from everywhere that showing somebody you care equates to expensive gifts. Generally people, if you buy them a present, don’t appear to be satisfied with ‘thoughtful’ presents any more only how much it costs.

Get into more debt, build up that credit card, it’s christmas………pay it off over the year before you do it all again. A self perpetuating market for the financial institutions. Watch in January as the use of payday loans go through the roof!

I generally do enjoy the giving of presents at christmas (don’t actually like the receiving though), but mainly because I am lucky to have friends and family that don’t have expectations. Before you think I have gone all godly, religion has no place in our house at Christmas but I do believe Christmas is a time to think about not only your friends and family but also those whose circumstances mean that they are alone at Christmas.

In my view religion only dictates what is right because it is right, and not because right is dictated by religion. (that is another discussion though).

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It’s quite dark in here at the moment!