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The cabinet are currently in talks to decide whether or not a referendum on independance for Scotland should actually be binding. How arrogant, it’s no wonder the scottish don’t want to be part of England. Currently any referendum held in Scotland is only advisory and not binding by law, however our gracious Prime Minister is discussing whether he will allow it to be implemented; if he does it will be an option of in or out, and not partial independance.

I always have sympathy for any group whose goals can only be achieved by the grace of those you are fighting against (It is why the black panthers didn’t allow any white supporters within its movement). It is important to distinguish between achieving your goals regardless of  any oppostion, or being granted your goals within the terms defined by the oppostion. I don’t blame Scotland wanting to be independant, the Tories definately don’t represent the needs of anyone else but the city, the priveilidged and rich. Wales will be next and then maybe Cornwall, who under the watchful eye of Plaid Cymru, are capaigning to be treated as a celtic country.

I’d love to see London split next, each borough being guided by an annually appointed cooperative, which would be represenative of the people that live within it.

Fuck Parliament and it Etonian Oxbridge bias whose policies mainly favour the City and big business.