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Now Nestle are moving to Crawley,something which could be seen as a positive thing as Nestle policy in Africa is very questionable. Croydon will no longer be it’s home so what will be the ideal replacement. Riots are the first thing that come to mind but probably not the first image that the council want to come to mind. Another was, Croydon home to a mindless conservative majority, but again I don’t think that will get a popular support. Here is another few I had in mind:

– a big fucking unnecessary 57 storey tower

– Purley ay…. (always good to go with a monty python reference)

– Smiley Culture (no wait the police fucking killed him)

– David Lean (but lets fuck over the cinema)

– Croydon Trams (they will be bigger than the Eagles someday)

There are many things that Croydon tries to sweep under the carpet and no doubt it will be industry that wins the day, Croydon home of Ikea is going to be something really be proud of. Croydon does have a really rich tapestry of historical content that should be highlighted not business as this can move, but then again history doesn’t give backhanders.