Had an interesting conversation with Lou this morning about people’s attitude to being working class. When I went to University in the early 90’s being considered working class was deemed to be a stigma, students were desperate not to be classed working class. When my politics teacher asked us who considered themselves as working class, there was only me and another lad that put our hands up. “Bollocks” is what my lecturer said, and continued to expand that he knew other people came from a working class background but probably didn’t want to admit it in front of their peers, with the belief that being middle class was seen as aspirational. There was definately a lin between this and twelve years of Thatcherite conditioning. (It was the same lecturer who introduced me to Kropotkin and gave me copies of Class War).

When Lou went to Uni in the late 90’s, being working class had become aspirational, it was all the rage with the middle class kids. I’m sure the fact that Labour had just come to power had a feel good factor – if only everyone had realised Tony Blair would try and irradicate any identifying features that Labour still had with the working classes by immediately getting rid of clause 4.Marx did believe that a communist revolution would begin in England as we have a real identity with class

It has now got me wondering of society’s standing with being working class now the Tory scum are back in power. Is it still cool to be working class or is it a label and stigma that people want to move on from?