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2, 500 catholic churches around the country will read a letter out today which condemns the proposal of Cameron to legalise same sex marriages. Civil partnerships are all ready allowed but for some unknown reason marriage in a church is prohibited; I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to get married in a church, especially gay people who suffer abuse at the hands of many so called Christians. However equality is important and a same sex relationship is no different to a hetrosexual relationship. In fact it could be suggested that if everything was equal and gay marriage allowed then the divorce stats would go down!

So catholics hierarchy believe that gay marriage is a sham and their relationship is somewhat unholy, unlike fiddling with alter boys and helping Nazi’s escape from justice. Religion was at its most influential years ago, when ignorance and superstition ruled the land, but in this modern age of technology and scientific discovery the church is struggling to find its place. For a church to continue to push such discrimination will only push it further to the sidelines; the hell and damnation I fear is th eignoration and hate preached by the so called enlightened few.

Rev Jason E Cooper

is an ordained member of the clergy of

The Church of Spiritual Humanism

Date of Ordination: 05/06/2011

Ordained by R. A. Zorger, President