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Will this inspire Clegg to finally stand up to Cameron, we can but hope. Clegg argued that they had secured major revisions to the Health and Social Care Bill, but his proposal was defeated by 317 votes to 270. This is an ideal opportunity to break away from the coalition, as this bill wasn’t even on the original colition agreement. The party have basically told Clegg to stop being Cameron’s lapdog and start promoting Liberal policy.

This is an ideal scenario to see if democracy actually works – the majority of the Liberals want the bill pulled, if Clegg refuses surely it highlights that the democtratic system doesn’t actually work. It is proving that once in power a Govt can do what they want, even if they campaigned for the opposite. Cameron used the NHS as a great vote winner – look I won’t destroy it I actually use it – the reality was his BUPA policy didn’t cover pre existing complaints!

Not only will the passing of the bill see the death of the NHS, but also the democratic system!  You will all be voting for a pig in a poke!