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Perhaps George Osborne thought it would be too easy to solve the economic problems; create jobs and growth which in turn would secure people’s financial well being. Oh no, George is ignoring tried and tested policies that are based on sound economic theory by John Maynard Keynes (if you look after the growth of business, a deficit will sort itself out), and other econmic scholars. George is revolting – I should end the sentance there really – against the system, he has just doesn’t understand that normally a revoltion is meant to free people from oppression and hardship not force them into it!

Yes we are in a double dip recession, but there is no Plan B, further cuts will be introduced, that deficit must disappear. You cannot get out of debt by simply not spending any money, you actually have to earn some – as you see this is where the issue is George hasn’t done a days work in his life (unless you count his days being buggered as a fag!). Olympic Fever is obvioulsy taking over our George who is taking his role as Chancellor very serious and is obvioulsy going for a treble dip or a quadruple dip recession, (bigger and better that a double dip), something never achieved before – not even by Norman Lamont. 

It’s all Labour’s fault, no, wait is the Euro crisis no, hang on everybody else economies are slowly growing, that’s it you either don’t know what you are doing or simply sticking two finger up to everyone else and stating “I’ll do it my way”. Lets face it you don’t have to worry about your own financial well being.