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I don’t know what is going on in this country but I get the feeling that ‘Machievelian’ rule is becomming paramount as the Tories realise that they are truly hated. Despite all ‘plastic bullet’ deaths and disabilty caused in Northern Ireland, the police have seen fit to increase their stocks of plastic bullets from 700 rounds to over 10,000 within a six month period.

The BBC have published that an ex-Metropolitan Police Commander suggested the huge rise may be due to change of policy on the weapons and an increased willingness to use them. The police are going to give a statement later today, but do actions speak louder than words; it will be interesting as to what discorse they use to justify their actions! Are they hoping that the London elections will dominate the news?

Ever time there is a conservative government, civil liberties are gradually eroded away (right to silence, Criminal Justice act etc…), and now the possibility that the right to protest may be on its way out. If the police can murder the innocent newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson, and no prosecution has taken place, I’m certain they won’t think twice in deploying plastic bullets to maintain order.

The issues are never truly addresses, just suppressed, no wonder class war politics are becoming more and more prevalent.