20,000 off duty coppers are protesting in London today against the cuts that are aimed at their service, I don’t expect there will be many black and red flags amoungst them. The federation’s PC Julie Nesbitt has said:

We are the people without whom the rest of the public services shouldn’t function and therefore we should be treated according to that

And, also, we don’t have the same rights as others in the public sector so we don’t have industrial rights so we can’t do anything about the poor treatment we are receiving.

They have less rights than others!!!!Tell that to all the victims of brutality, racially abuse and false arrest over the years – what about their rights. Yes there are bad in every occupation but the bad aspect of the police makes of a mockery of the laws that they are meant to uphold!

Will the police be kettling the police protest………hmmmmmmm, let me think!