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Over the last week, the Govt have reitterated that cuts will be far reaching and everybody needs to play their part…….except for the Olympic Torch. Fuck me, not only does it get it’s own plane, ‘Firefly’ but also two fucking seats (1a & 1b)in business class, standard class obviously isn’t good enough for Olympic Flame. BBC have reported:

Classed as dangerous goods, there is a specific regulation for the carriage of the Olympic flame. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has approved a detailed safety case drawn up by Mr Thomas and BA’s Dangerous Goods team. The flame is in four lanterns which sit in two specially-made metal cradles secured to the chair by a seatbelt and a Velcro strap. In seat 1C will be the fire warden – a Metropolitan Police officer trained in firefighting – who will monitor the flame for the duration of the 1,500-mile flight.

So not only is it big (needing two seats) its fucking dangerous, transporting fire on a plane – is it me that just think the whole think is fucking ridiculous. What does happen if the flame goes out – are the games ruined, can we get everyone to breathe out at the same time as the torch is paraded in front of them – or will it have it’s own breath proof torch mobile, similar to the pope mobile but more like an ice cream van, Gary Barlow has written the annoying tune for it!

It did however present Greece with an ideal opportunity for someone to have nicked the torch and sell it to the highest bidder, they will rue that chance to get rid of their debt.