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Good ole Ed has criticised the Government for snobbery when it comes to vocational courses. He has said:

Ministers should show as much respect for young people whose skills secure them an apprenticeship as those who win places at university.

It’s unfortunate Ed, that whilst there is snobbery it doesn’t just stop at vocational courses. There is snobberey to which university you go to, there is snobbery to which course you take, and the same goes with colleges. It’s no good Labour moaning about this as they started the snobbery by increasing the number of places available at university ‘so everybody can go’, which in turn diminished the importance of apprenticeships, and practicle work experience. All that has happened is you have far more people on the dole with a degree but £25k worth of debt as well. That was a plan that was well worked out!

You could now argue that tuition fees have been introduced not only to enable the Univesities to cope with the increasing numbers, but also to use this as a means to exclude those from poorer backgrounds.

Labour wanted to give people equal opportunities but instead have created more inequalities as a result, and helped create a system that still favours the wealthy.