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Yes it’s official, Mount Everest has the most dangerous queue in the world. Whilst Chomolungma, the Chinese name for Everest meaning Holy Mother, is the pinnacle for most experianced climbers, it has also become a folly for the rich. As long as you can afford it, you will be assigned to a Sherpa who will literally drag you up the mountain in order so you can stand on the highest point in the world. 

However the amount of people attempting to summit means that you have to queue at certain points, not only to get up but also to get down, often standing around for up to 2 hours in the death zone; your brain is literally dying at these altitudes.

Not only are deaths increasing on the summit but also the litter; rubbish, empty gas cylinders and abandoned tents are now common sight. What once was an aspirational feat only attempted by the most experianced adventurers, has now been devalued to a high end package tour.

A few books I have read about Chomolungma describe how teh Sherpas offer a prayer to the mountain before they climb and treat the mountain with the uttermost respect.

Perhaps the mountain is beginning to retaliate against all those who don’t!