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People have forgotten the meaning of British Politics, we are nor American, we do not vote for a party based on the leader, you should vote for somebody who will represent you local area to the best our their ability. The Baroness Warsi expense scandal, is just the latest in a numerous scandals which highlight that a modern MP is just simply a career.

Where are the Members of Parliament that come from the local community, have sweated and toiled to fight for their area, and rewarded with an opportunity to continue their fight in parliament. Party politics is dying; Nick Clegg has sold out the Liberals, Blair and Brown have destroyed Labour’s links with the working class, and the Tories are still just selfish vermin.

A change is needed that will see independent candidates gain more prominence, by being put forward by communities, not decided by a political party. Somebody who is dedicated to the the area they claim to represent not simply their own career.