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Oh no I didn’t states Gordon Brown in response to Rupurt Murdoch’s ‘Oh yes you did’; emails are shown that show support for the BskyB bid but Osborne denies conspiracy; Major declares press as hurtful and shows his sensitive side; NHS leak Browns baby information – JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.

I think the Leveson enquiry is just proving that there are all a lying bunch of cunts, that are not interested in the actual truth, only the truth that they wish the publis to know. It just shows the arrogance of politicians in their attitude to the public – no respect – is this what you get from an oxbridge etonian parliament. The same as newspapers – do they simply tell us the news they want us to hear; twitter has made that quite obvious.

And they are under oath, some people cry; well that means fuck all, when the church can’t even treat gay people equally why should anyone have respect for it or what it represents.