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The bankers have fucked up and I guarantee that the only thing they are sorry for is getting caught. The Govt have announced that there will be another enquiry, similar to Leveson to investigate their practices, but who pays…..yes the public,  public funds will be used to fund more lawyers – I wonder how many of these law firms are linked to members of the Tory party.

Vince Cable has asked for the shareholders to get a grip – but why should they, they are motivated by the same thing as the bankers GREED.

What should be organised is a bank that promises to work within moral and ethical guidelines, then everybody on exactly the same day ask for all their money to be transferred to the new bank. A rush on the bank you say……yes a rush on the bank. If people are really fed up with Barclays etc move your money elsewhere. What is a bank without any customers – a building full of staff with nobody to exploit.