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A. The rich never pay!

As I watched bits of the Wimbledon men’s final yesterday, it became apparant that the best view was taken by all the rich, who apparently got free tickets – yes free – fucking rich bastards could pay for themselves.

It made me think further about two recent programmes I have been watching – the history of Capital Punishment in UK – and how before the introduction of jail and the peelites, hanging was the main punishment for any crime. However 99.9% of the people who were hung were working class – the rich never paid for their crimes.

Another program I have been watching is Folk Britannia, charting the history of folk music in this country. Again the rise and fall of folk music can be seen in the rise and fall of the working class. The lowest ebb was early 90’s where all the traditional industry’s and areas that folk music came was beaten in submission by Thatcher and her following cronies.

The message is simply, we have always and still do – live in unequal society, not simply based on money and wealth but also perceived position in society, but this needs to alter, and I’m hoping that the recent banker revelations may be the catalyst.

The simple question is what are you doing to help create a more equal and fairer society, because the question will be asked as everyone is lined up against the wall come the revolution!