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Cameron has denounced burglary as cowardly. Cowardly is not a word I would have used, desperate, immoral,even despicable but cowardly?

But I’m very clear; burglary is not bravery, burglary is cowardice, burglary is a hateful crime.

Is he saying that if you knock on the front door with a lion and a python wrapped around your neck, that would be less cowardly, or is he saying you should knock on a door with pistols, slap the occupant around the face a couple of times with a glove, challenging them to a dual.

In fact with his other idiotic statement is he encourage everyone to get tooled up in case of a burglary knowing you’ll get a free pass – is he actually encouraged a society without law and government? Or perhaps everybody should just be trained in the art of dualling to solve the issue.

That’s why this government is actually changing the law to toughen the rules on self-defence towards burglars

The papers pictured him as a mouse yesterday, I think it should have really been a mouse on a unicycle having a custard pie thrown in his face.

Send in the clowns – oh they are already insitu!