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So Manchester is the city with the greatest downloads, and Ed Sheeran’s album has the largest downloads (why!). Torrent sites are here to stay regrdless of the industry’s desire to dissolve them – you can’t undo technology; the best way forward is to work with it.

Over the last 20 years there has been such a monopoly by the major record companies that only perceived commercial successes are ever realised. Nick Drake was a commercieal failure when he was alive but his contribution music cannot be questioned – he would not get a record deal these days.

Most artists have realised that the best way of earning money is to go on the road. Concerts, merchandise at the gigs are the best ways for the artist to make money.

I download lots of things and will always buy what I like, and I will always but from small independent labels. If a musician is that good / popular they can afford to give away their music, simply asking for donations. Amanda Palmers’ kickstarter campaign is the leading light in how artists should reinvent their career, cutting out the greed of corporations.

The music giants says there is less money going into producing artists, but if it means the end to manufactured ‘X Factor’ pop then good. All the artists that bands reference as influences on their career would never have beeb released in today’s market, new styles of music are being oppressed through the desire of moguls trying to make more money.