Today we went out with our close friends, or should I say as close as family could be. Both me and Lou decided to celebrate our life, now settled and content, with all the people who have helped that happen (alphabetical order not importance – otherwise they would all be overtyped on top of each other!).

Ian Bone

Mary Gilbank

Warren Gilbank

Clare Lamy

Rich Lamy

Sarah Millson

Jane Nicholl

Me, Lou, Lily & Nye love you all and so glad you came out to enjoy the day with us. As they always say you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends – we are so lucky we just fell in each other.

Warren is the only one who has witnessed my naivety from moving from the Midlands to London, who came to our wedding, witnessed and helped our bumbling back to London. I love the fact that I have watched both Jess & Ewan grown up from bumps in tummy. Love you always Warren, so glad Mary is your soul mate.

To all our friends, we love you all.