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As the biggest anti climax in recent weeks nears it’s climax (!?), Cameron, it is implied, is to go all Gung Ho and tell Europe how it will be. Is this an attempt to prove he is a strong leader with Boris looking over his shoulder and older Tories ready to string him and Osborne from the nearest lampost for their incompetence -is this the last roll of the dice.

Will we have a referendum, I’m sure the Daily Mail would love the opportunity to tell the French and Germans to fuck off – but can the public to be trusted to vote rationally and not be swayed by the jingoistic press.

We should have never entered Europe anyway and tied links with the emerging economies of the far east, but whilst we are in Europe we should try and make it work. The world is becoming a smaller place and Britain should realise it isn’t that Great anymore – even when it was the empire was based of oppression, corruption and greed.

A change is gonna come!