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In this day and age where you are told ‘you can be anything you want to be’ and all the fact that society treats sports stars as Gods; materially and media spotlight, the temptations can be too much. Armstrong simply tried to enhance his body to an optimum peak and was extremely successful. If you use the logic that his body is part of the mechanical make up of the bike then it was pure innovation. Drugs cannot give you a greater skill i.e become a better painter, musician or tactician only simply enhance muscles.

So he has been classed as a cheat and chastised for it but footballers are not punished at all, Man united don’t get stripped of titles or medals despite a player diving(equates cheating) in order to achieve success.

Greed, ladies and gentlemen, is a gift from capitalism and is a powerful force that encourages people to be successful at no matter what cost. Sport is no longer about the event, sponsorship, winnings and the power of the media have helped create monsters.

If I am mad I take drugs to alleviate the madness, if I am weak I now can take drugs to make me strong. Perhaps medical science and drugs are actually allowing people to be all they can be.

The irony is that America is appalled he cheated but have no problem when the republicans cheated to gain George W Bush a second term in office. When di we all become so judgemental.