At 7pm the Commons (quite ironic as there ar no longer any commoners in there) vote to decide the future of thousands of gay relationships. The country waits with baited breath, and when it’s passed…………nothing.

It won’t affect me or my life, nor the majority of people in this country, HOWEVER it will affect those individuals who do not have the same rights as me despite experiencing the same emotions I do. It’s ludicrous that there is a vote to all gay people rights, of course they have fucking rights, they have always had rights they just have never been recognised by certain sections of society.

The truth is if society got rid of those people who feel the need to judge people who are different to them (race, gender, sexuality, age), society would actually be a better place. I propose that after the vote tonight another vote is put forward to expel all those people who voted against the bill.

A change is needed to prevent abhorrent views governing OUR society.