It is reported that some children take cold chips in their lunchbox or just bread and butter – shame on the parents papers rage – but eating let alone eating healthy is beginning to cost a fortune; fresh fruit and veg are astronomical prices. If the country was so concerned about the food nutrition and health of our children, then free school meals would be provided for all. This wouldn’t discriminate against those who can’t afford it, and would ensure that children are getting at least one balanced meal.

Class war has hit the supermarkets; basic value range for those who can’t and organic for those who can; how sad that you can now tell how wealthy somebody is by the amount of fresh food that is in there shopping trolley or better yet have an organic box delivered at your door – only £10 for a sprout a turnip and potato. The cost of essential foods (fresh fruit, veg, meat (delete if you are veggie), needs to be reduced to a fairer price, that the majority of people can afford. Stop importing fruit that is out of season and encouraging people to eat seasonal goods may help reduce the price. If something is better/good for you then it is better/good for you and shouldn’t allow discrimination by cost.

Education is essential especially when you can grow up and realize that those running the country, do not do it for the working people of this country only to consolidate their position in power. However, you cannot enjoy learning if you are hungry.