Just as you thought that independent restaurant / cafe was safe, Tesco has just bought out Giraffe. No doubt due to Tesco opening a metro every 500 yards they will now be interwoven with new local eateries, all locally sourced from your local erm……..Tesco – we don’t sell horse no more honest…………..

Haven’t people got it yet. When everyone wants the convenience of a local supermarket and then complains that the local economy has collapsed and it’s soul has been ripped out of it – why do you think. Was Notting Hill cool hell yes – until house prices, Starbucks and Tesco forced all those who made it cool out.

Local Tesco’s always start off cheap to attract you in, then slowly the prices creep up until you realise that it is actually cheaper to buy those essentials from you local ‘corner shop’ – thats if they are still in business.

Wait until you have Tesco hospitals and Tesco cars! If you actually jumbled up the letters, took some away and added some – you would get STALIN!