People love to talk, brag, boast, posture, rant, lecture, adise etc.. whether it’s political philosophy, religion, or simple rhetoric regarding a certain situation. It doesn’t matter how well read you are, how good a game you talk, how often you go to church actions will always speak louder than words. Just because legislation is in place it doesn’t stop people being sexist, racist or homophobic. Just what will career people do to advance – will Leveson stop journalists sourcing a scoop – lets face it the public desire for filth, scandal and gossip drives the media. How often will someone stab another in the back in order to advance in work / society.

Just what do you do to help make your local area a little better to live in, or make a person’s life a little more tolerable. Fuck giving to charity as that is a real cop out for those with money, a simple hello to a stranger (cliche’d I know) can initially make someone’s day a little better. The best of it is, its doesn’t cost any money – actually physically doing something, no mater how little doesn’t have to cost any money – it’s something that the fucking rich cannot take away from us – they can take away our integrity though. It’s the one thing that you can give your children no matter what your income!

When you lie, waiting for the sandman to come, just think about any positive differences that you made for your local area today no matter how small.

You need to put out the fire in your own back garden before you can tackle the world!