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Just a thank you to all my friends who have given me the confidence to write this blog, especially Ian Bone who helped me get the point of it all back! Does it make a difference, is it just some narcissistic way of entering the viral world, or can I change things. I don’t know but I have always believed in the domino effect. I may not change the world but several generations later might and if I can make one simple impact on someone to help create that initial ripple, then I will be happy. I have always classed myself as an anarchist – not with the black smoke stereotypical death & destruction imagery – but a belief in no form state just simple ‘mutual aid’, to quote the title of the book that literally changed my viewpoint of life (Peter Kropotkin). The nuts and bolts of how we get there will always be debatable but the simple view of how we could live is indisputable. When you start reading Antonio Gramsci, Michel Foucault & Hayden White, you become completely aware of how you can be controlled by the simple discourse that is used by the media, politicians, celebrities etc etc – everyone needs a filter to understand what is really being said.

I have always enjoyed listening to music, especially that that tries to break boundaries – sadly this appeared to be more rife in the 80’s – perhaps Thatcher was good for one thing! I came across this wonderful live footage of Stump the other day and it somehow reminded me of how I view life!