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Labour have confirmed that if they will win the next election, they will not ban ‘zero’ working hours. Yes I repeat WILL NOT BAN. I held my breath and waited for the but will prosecute any firm that adopts such exploitative contracts but no. Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna says a future Labour government would not ban zero hours contracts but explore ways of reducing their use, such as establishing a statutory code of practice or forcing employers to offer workers permanent contracts after a certain period.

I was always taught that no matter what else you have in life you do not have to give up your integrity, well Labour gave up theirs years ago but obviously have no conscience about getting it back. As Linton Kwesi Johnson once said ‘Wot about de Workin Class’. The backbone of this country has / is being forgotten; as poverty gets a firmer hold families the more workers are exploited – any work is better than no work. Working Family Tax credit has been rehashed pushing working people closer and closer to poverty (and you don’t get no benefits if you jack in your job).

The only answer that is obvious is that NO political party has any interest in solving the economic situation for the working class, only getting / keeping themselves in power by licking the shoes of those with the purse strings.

Don’t vote – let the mandate be less than 20% and see how any party justifies that they represent the people. Its not as if you are going to make any difference to those who need change by voting anyway. You might as well pray!