220px-Bobby_Fischer_1960_in_LeipzigI have always enjoyed a game of chess, not very good but enjoyed it none the less, but now I’m getting enthused. I have always leaned towards those aspect of life that can lead to insanity. Bobby Fischer, a chess master, being a shining example of how the complete absorption of the game led to narcissism and paranoia – disappearing down the rabbit hole.

I can’t think of any other game / sport that has such intensity that can lead to insanity (maybe ‘go’). I love his concept that draws shouldn’t count as they can be used to a winners advantage – you should always play to win, but also that he began to find the game boring and invented his own form of speed chess – chess960. He also didn’t give a fuck when the USA revoked his passport because he played chess in a country that they didn’t sanction.

Bobby Fischer a very strange individual but probably chess’ greatest player.