It’s been revealed, in secret leaked documents, that Boris Johnson plans to shut every single ticket office on
the London Underground.
Having staffed ticket offices across the underground is important to many of us. When you get overcharged, when you’re travelling late at night and you want to feel safe, when your Oystercard isn’t working, when you don’t know what route to take, or when the machine just won’t do what you want it to: ticket offices are vital.

It wasn’t long ago that Boris Johnson publicly pledged to keep ticket offices open in every station. Now it looks like he’s going back on his promise. But together we can make sure he halts these plans before they become a reality.

Perhaps Boris thinks that Londoners haven’t noticed his secret plans.  Together we can make this big news. If thousands of us sign the petition we can show him we’re watching and we don’t want our ticket offices closed. We need to move fast before these plans go any further. Please sign the petition now:

Boris Johnson hasn’t said anything publicly yet. Let’s show him that we won’t let these secret plans just slip through. If thousands of us sign the petition we’ll force him to realise that he must rule these plans out now.