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It’s easy to get swept away with Cameron and the myth that if you work hard you will get plenty of opportunity. What he really means there will be plenty of opportunity for those with money; tax breaks to encourage investment and increase profits. These are not what the working person needs, as greed is getting out of hand investment in the community for all should be encouraged, not individual greed.

tumblr_l8rrhsXJ8l1qb50y9o1_400He might as well shown the clip of Michael Douglas shouting ‘Greed is Good’ but without lifting the curtain of hindsight as to how we got into this situation in the first place. Lets face it the Lehman Brothers did alright whilst ruining the worlds economy. Why did the banks go belly up? Because Thatcher allowed them to invest their reserves, so when push came to shove there was nothing to fall back on.

Yes the country should work in surplus but there are more ways of getting a surplus then cutting lower paid roles, whilst presenting more opportunities for those at the top.

Yes the Tories will reward those who are hardworking, but only those who are not working hard for the country, only personal gain.