Yes, but as a form of philosophy as opposed to fact; creationism has no place in an progressive education system. Whilst there has been debate that the quality of religious education is in decline in schools, is it really essential to ensure that your child has a good start in life.

Religion has no facts, except that it causes hatred, greed and conflict throughout the world, however it is wise to learn and understand the basis to a fundamental part of many communities or country’s make up. It is unfair to dismiss another’s point of view unless you have some basic understanding of  it’s origins and core beliefs.

We live in a free country and people should be allowed to express their views until they intend to oppress other people. To me this is where religion falls down, its dogma and belief structure cause its followers to judge other people based on core values that have no factual basis but have been distorted and manipulated over the years to ensure that it remains acceptable