I was really dubious of Russell Brand and potential reasons behind his……………well common sense, because everything he has said is what most ‘enlightened’ people think. Whereas Robert Webb (who is he again!) criticising Brand, can be read as a reminder to people that he still exists, as his logic was laughable.

Perhaps now is the turning point where people are fed up with the same old, same old……………….deference to this, love the royals, don’t question, obey. The gathering outside Buckingham Palace is a real show that people don’t just see politicians as the target anymore – the royals are a drain on society that we no longer can afford. Just check out Price Charles’s accounts (if they let you). There are more and more people living without than with and this isn’t right.

The ‘living wage’ whilst marginally better than minimum wage is still too low; prices for the necessities in life have realistically risen far beyond that level, and companies are not racing to sign up to the living wage as they are to zero hours contracts.

A change is needed, and like Brand I have stopped voting as the ballot box no longer represents change…………if it ever did.