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J&MCensorship of the arts is never right, and just creates more offence than censorship of the original offence was meant to resolve. Whether it is PMRC trying to restrict and ban music in the 90’s or the recent debate about the religious satire ‘Jesus & Mo”.

The cartoon was even censored by Channel 4 and the BBC – if religion is so wonderful surely it should just be able to turn the other cheek, and feel comfortable in their own faith rather than attacking others ‘non belief’. If you are a non believer, the fact that people do whatever the church tells them based on a story that relies on ‘blind faith’ and fear of a hell to self perpetuate the myth. To me, the fact that most wars are caused by different religious factors, willing to kill in the name of their supposed god (what a horrible concept that a so called god is happy for other people to kill in order to prove their faith). The most fucked up people I have ever met in this life are ones that have had catholicism forced upon them – completely screws them up!

The fact that religions can be so dogmatic, trying to cover up the contradictions within their doctrine (does the vatican encourage abuse by its inability), but they can’t take a open view of satire that hasn’t been designed to offend there narcissistic tendencies, but to amuse those who just try and lead a good life.