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unsanitary-living-conditions-19th-centuryPeople are suffering all over the country, and things are getting extremely desperate for many families as Cameron has announced that we can afford tax cuts, and Herr IDS denouncing any cause for concern.

The Department for Work and Pensions said there was

“no robust evidence that welfare reforms are linked to increased use of food banks”.

However Food Banks are seeing food handed back because there is not enough credit in their electricity meters to switch on their cooker.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones spoke of his concern over an increasing worrying trend.

“patterns of criminality are poverty-related where people are stealing food and essential items as opposed to higher value good like electrical items or items like perfumes.”

With regard to the Ukraine President Obama declares that Russia is on the wrong side of history, proclaiming President Putin is behaving in a 19th Century manner in the 21st Century.

Are we sure that the same cannot be applied to the Tories and their control over our country.