Whilst the Police are determined to get justice for PC Blakelock, when they kill other people it’s a different matter.

Clement Blair Peach (25 March 1946 – 23 April 1979) was a New Zealand-born teacher who was killed by an officer of the Metropolitan Police Special Patrol Group (SPG) during an anti-racism demonstration in Southall 1979.

Although they originally denied it a Met internal report made available in 2010, officially confirmed the fact, but no-one has been charged, even though fourteen witnesses said they had seen members of the SPG strike Peach. The conclusion was that Blair Peach was killed by a police officer, but that the other police officers in the same unit had refused to cooperate with the inquiry by lying to investigators, making it impossible to identify the actual killer.

The Metropolitan Police report stated that an SPG policeman, identified as Officer E, was “almost certainly” the one whose assault killed Peach. Alan Murray, at the time an inspector in charge of SPG Unit One and now a lecturer in Accounting and Corporate Responsibility at Sheffield University, has admitted that he believes himself to be Officer E, but has denied killing Peach. Murray was described as “young and forceful” by the report, lied to investigators, and refused to participate in identity parades; to this day he wears the beard which it is suspected he originally grew to impede identification in case he were compelled to do so.