This is nothing to with any prejudice (I support Wolverhampton Wanderers), it would be so good for football that money isn’t necessarily the way to success, and managers make a difference. No one can doubt that Alex Ferguson was a wonderful manager; look at last season, excellence with players that aren’t that good. Chelsea won last night with strikers that aren’t really that level. Managers do and can make a difference (Southampton).

Did Ferguson suggest Moyes because it would compound his genius.

Football has moved away from the fans – don’t pay Wayne Rooney 300K a week in order to stop him moving to another club (unless its about commercial reasons) but one man does not make a team. Look at Everton, playing better than they have ever done – a manager can make a difference. Yes you do nee the players but a decent manager can use what he has got.

Tony Pullis for some reason is criticise for what he did at Stoke – he did what he could with what he had and look what he is doing with Crystal Palace . Kenny Jackett has been wonderful with Wolves, once he got rid of the players who were believed they were better than League One (even though they helped us get there).

Non League is where it is atMy friends Ian Bone, Max, Charlie & Alfie support Alton Town – their support & banners are second to none without success (see newspapers for the best banners all season), and my friend Jude supports Alton Town.

A long way away from 300k a week.