It was sad news yesterday to hear that Andy from The Men that will not be Blamed for Nothing, has been diagnosed with cancer. This was posted on their Facebook page.

I have always been a big fan of Andy’s, through Creaming Jesus, chatting to him about Far Side club nights at the George Robey, and CJ playing Storm Constataine’s wedding and now TMTWNBBFN.

Speedy Recovery Andy

“NECK LUMP UPDATE star date 10.4.14


When i said i fancied taking on a new challenge, this was not exactly what i had in mind….

It is cancer.
It is malignant.
It has spread from my tonsils to my lymph nodes.
It IS treatable
It is not necessarily a death sentence.

I have to undergo 6-8 weeks of daily Radiotherapy and possibly Chemo and then take some months to recover.
I may have to have teeth removed.
My throat may close up, my saliva turn to a mucus consistency, I may not be able to swallow and I may have to be fed through a tube direct into my stomach.
I will definitely have to shave off the beard as they have to make a plastic mould of my face to help target the radiotherapy.

It will be fucking horrible, but I will survive it.

On the positive side, it is still localised in my throat and not spread to my lungs etc at the moment, so I have caught it fairly early (though i am FUCKING LIVID that my GP didnt send me straight for tests FIVE WEEKS AGO when i first showed her – prefering to put it off till she got back from her holiday)

Also, it is not on my vocal chords so i should be able to sing once i get out the other side of this shit.

And, it won’t half help with losing this weight to ease my Diabetes.”

We appreciate your support, and we will be back better, fitter and stronger than ever with a new album before you know it.