The money that gets put into to Formula One is a disgrace when their is such poverty in the world. Why pick on formula one, because its a sport that is run by the rich for the rich….and those who like top gear. Most other sports are equal in opportunity, as long as you have the ability, whereas the working class will never get the opportunity.

It’s rich people playing a real life scalextric. Every driver comes from a wealthy background, usually working their way up through the Karting world as a youth, an avenue only open to those with money.

It is accepted that F1 is an elitist sport, nowadays it is almost impossible to see a driver coming from very humble beginnings or a team to make an impact with financial limitations.


Maybe it’s just because I’ve never seen the point of driving a car really fast in circles. When other sports go to ‘suspect’ countries there is also the philosophical debate as to whether they should go, either due to human rights records or political sanctions, however this never seems to happen with Formula One.

Then there is also the misogyny, just look at the paddock……………..