Or another ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ – except if they are Nigerian, then the world’s leading powers can pretend that they don’t exist, after all what financial rewards are to be gained by rescuing them – as far as I know Nigeria doesn’t have many natural resources that we can steal otherwise we would have entered Nigeria several years ago as it has always been a politically unstable country. Armed Forces take control to ensure democracy is put into place, then take over again when the wrong person wins. The West have never appeared to be bothered by this process continually being repeated.

The fact that our civilised nations have not put there full force behind achieving the release of these children is simply diabolical.   Boko Haram, another extremist group acting in the name of religion, have claimed responsibility but nothing appears to be happening to track them down. The West jumped up and down when Putin stuck his neck out to protect Russians from potential repercussions in Ukraine but 200 girls are kidnapped and the West try not to notice.

It has just been announced that the Nigerian police have put up a £200,000 reward for information leading to their safe return. I hope it works but it is a shame that it takes financial reward to motivate some people.

This event is appalling and there won’t be anybody who doesn’t denounce it but politics will again dictate, showing that it isn’t about people but relationships between countries based on financial and corporate links.

To Be Kind…………Viva L’Anarchie