Its a choice between the devil, the deep sea and the frying pan, unless you want to wear your badge of racism & mysogny with pride and vote UKIP – after all they are only saying what everybody is thinking (bollocks). The Tories have stopped preceding they care, as they probably realise the majority of this country doesn’t, and plan to kill the poor to make more space for the heartless and the rich. Labour, run by Ed who, have some policies but none is really sure what they are and the Liberals just want to be recognised as political party and not the lying turncoat joke that they are.

Class War are doing a grand job of their picket at 1 Commercial Street, but I fear that if the Tories have their way, there just won’t be poor doors but poor areas – only the wealthy will be allowed in 70% of the country!

Once politics became a job rather than representation of the public, it was always doomed; oxbridge and Eton being the equivalent of apprenticeships in other trades (yes I am old enough to remember apprenticeships).

TUC Demo on the 18th or the anarchist book fair? If all the speakers at the TUC demo actually read some literature from the anarchist book fair they wouldn’t go far wrong. And will the BBC report on it – no but they may mention the TUC demo (unless Class War brings it to its knees.)

To be kind……… L’anarchie