I have friends whose family live in Jaywick, a place that has lots of issues, a place forgotten by most the public let alone the politicians – now they have turned to UKIP to help regenerate them. Lets not forgot, people voted for Douglas Carswell in last election when he was cloaked in blue, now he is in purple and waving his fist at immigration and Europe for destroying Clacton.

Expect more politicians to join UKIP, a haven for those who crave more power but are never going to get it from the Etonian Oxbridge Elite. UKIP give power hungry politicians a chance to gorge and grow their own ego. The people of Clacton think they will get change – no they won’t, UKIP still don’t represent the working classes, and it is the system that oppresses Clacton not Europe or immigration.

Ask anyone from Clacton if they won the Euromillions would they invest it in Clacton? This is the root of the issue, years of individualism created a hegemony of greed and selfishness orchestrated by those in power in order to maintain their dominance and position. Unfortunately UKIP are leading voters into the woods to see some puppies – isn’t that nice of them.

Too Be Kind…….viva L’anarchie