Mixed messages by George Osborne today; everything is fine, the economy is growing and the deficit is reduced or unveiled, more people are below the poverty line than ever, and low inflation has meant the deficit has been reduced more than anticipated and spending on credit is still attractive.

However unemployment is at 5.3% and probably higher if you include 0 contract hours ; the burden of this falling on our youth. People now have to carry on working later in life but with a finite amount of jobs something has to give. What better way to sow the seeds of discontent that begin to create a disenchanted youth. No apprenticeships and limited vocational training leave a lot of our youth on the wasteland. If you choose to get educated you become so debt ridden, employers can take advantage of a swelled competitive market.

We should be investing in our children, teaching skills with employment at the end of it, free education for those who desire it and a fair wage to allow them to become independent and not only able to survive by living with their parents.

The Government encourage home ownership but very few affordable homes, they encourage free enterprise which encourage employers to make as much profit as possible (low wages, no contracts); the public sector is being reduced to make way for pure economic Darwinism, a new apartheid, a new monetary cleansing – race no longer matters as long as the colour is money. How do they disguise this, blame immigration. The Sun, the Daily Mail make sure that the public blame a personified reason rather than philosophical principles. This country is not evolving but regressing.

Whilst the low income family, working or non working, wonder how they are going to pay the bills, this Government allows companies that sell torture equipment to set up at the local arms fairs, selling arms to countries that can’t afford it. Who said morality and ethics have a place in Government.

To Be Kind……….Viva L’anarchie.