How do you judge success, career, family, material wealth? There is no right answer but trying to push material things to a successful life just cause problems. Do you really have to own your own home? If tenure was secured, rents fair and old age pension adequate do you need home ownership.

The demand is pushing prices through the roof, to a level where hardly anyone can afford them, yet everyone still aspires. If you don’t own a home are you classed as a failure? Property Ownership has become so much more than simple dwellings – legacy for children, downsizing to top up state pension or to pay for your care home.

We all want security but over the years the state provided safety net has been destroyed leading to people believing that investing in property will secure their future.

This post offers no answers but just to raise the question regarding why home ownership is now perceived as essential!

To Be Kind…….Viva L’anarchie