People come and people go, you lose touch with people you actually care about and glad that others have vanished. In 2015 I am so lucky to have fantastic friends that I have met over the last few years; finally I have met people who accept me for me and share very similar views: Ian Bone, Jane Nicholl, Paul Dovey & Stuart Mc Cormack have all helped me develop as a person without me having to reign anything in.

My soul mate and wonderful wife Lou, has stuck with me through thick and thin and together we have never compromised in what we believe; our children, Lily and Nye are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Some people say school days are the best years of your life……bollocks, each year gets better and better when you don’t have to deal with all the fickle bullshit. I hated where I grew up, it was only Allan Shenton and Gemma Hastilow who made it bearable.

It is really important to have good friend who you can relate to, rather than 500 virtual friends who like telling you what they have had to eat.

I am drunk, I probably will regret this post, but now I have had my hip replaced and can walk again this year can only get better.

To be kind……….viva L’anarchic