I6HTgEveryone jumped to shout ‘Je Suis Charlie’ and were outraged at the vicious murders at Charlie Hebdo offices; how dare anyone challenge free speech – apart from British newspapers.

Not one paper in this country has shown any of the ‘offensive’ cartoons, even the serious papers. The tabloids are quick to show celebrities indiscretions and naked bodies, shouting out immigration and spineless politicians but none of them will print a cartoon that is readily available on the inter web.

Britain likes the idea of free speech but only speech that we think won’t offend anybody or risk not selling papers, and that is the crux……selling papers. If the majority of British public were not obsessed with reality TV and the colour of the sofa of some wife of a second division footballer, perhaps we may have a more challenging press. Did she burn the cakes on purpose, OMG he said negro (what did you really expect of a 71 year old!)

Most people don’t want the truth and the most radical they get is nodding to the child like opinions of Owen Jones and applauding Julie Burchill at her ‘cutting’ commentaries in The Guardian – Love me I’m a Liberal paper. Every paper has its stereotype and the paper delivers what their readership, none wants to be shocked and potentially offended over their breakfast.

The press should print the truth and not simple be a vehicle to create profit for their shareholders.